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Sowerby Smith Associates P/L
174 Fullers Road.
Chatswood NSW 2067
Sydney, Australia
Phone +61 2 9460 7600
Mobile +61 (0)413 011 451

Brian Gatenby
Phone 61 2 9460 7800
Mobile 61 (0)412 05 35 35

Fine Art Service Rates

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Sowerby Smith Advertising Photography
Sowerby combining his two loves, photography and trains

Fine Art Services

For many years I have been photographing the paintings and artworks of many of Australia’s finest artists for both their records and gallery catalogues. Shooting mainly on transparency film in sizes from 10x8” to 35mm and now increasingly using digital capture to directly produce reproduction quality digital files. My artwork service also includes photography of antiques, old documents, commercial architectural illustrations and designer boards. These services are of interest to Artists, Collectors, Galleries, Museums and Collection Curators.

I recommend whenever shooting these items, we do so in the studio as we have full control of the conditions and are able to offer the best quality and service at the lowest possible cost. However if you need the items photographed on location I can do that also.